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Products and Services

Web Hosting


Web hosting for your websites, to your measure, and with the best prices on the market.

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Ready Sites


Our "Ready Sites - Turnkey" service is the ideal solution for you!

No hassle, no extra charges or "hidden" fees. Just choose the site/model you want, and it is all included, ready to work, with no additional costs or fees.

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PHP/MySQL Programming


We program PHP / MySql to suit your needs, from small tunings to your current site, to complete codes and functionalities.

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Audio Productions


Audio and multimedia services

Jingles and Spots, Assemblies and Productions, Recovery and Backup, Creativity, Voice Off, etc...

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Movida 80 RadioShow


« is a journey through nostalgia...»

Movida80 is a weekly radio show based on the biggest hits of the 80s. The show lasts for approximately 2 hours and is divided into two parts so that, at the end of each part, the radio stations can insert their advertising. The program is timeless, and therefore can be issued on any days...

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LiveSet RadioShow


No need for presentations...

The first dance music and electronic music radio show, produced exclusively for distribution and broadcasting on a "network" of FM radios and online radios. LiveSet is a radio show produced weekly, that consists of two hours essentially filled by content related to the universe of electronic music (dance scene)...

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Advertising For All

The biggest and most complete advertising tool of the present time. Created in 2005, Publipt is a reference in the online advertising market, guaranteeing from the beginning, the best relation quality, price, results. Theese are not words, they are facts!

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Affiliate program

Affiliate program


Earn commissions by selling our products and services

Just register for free and follow the instructions. We provide all the tools so you can quickly start earning!

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